What is Thras?


“Thras: The Coral Kingdom” is a new lands mod for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” exploring the strange and terrifying world of the Sload. Slug-men necromancers who’s actions and history are shrouded in mystery but possess a malice that is legendary.


Set on the coral scarred islands of Thras to the south-west of Tamriel, horror both survival and cosmic await the player. Themes of exploration, learning and survival turning to more daunting mechanics that unlock the further the player pulls back the curtain of the Sloads alien great game.


Core Game play


-Exploring and expanding TES races such as the Sload, Sinistral Elves, Ancient Yokudan and Maormer to create a weird and wonderful new playing experience on the islands of Thras.


-Introduce new game mechanics across the player experience such as an “information economy” (on Thras knowledge is a currency more valuable than gold), a more dynamic NPC/Quest system and several other elements we hope will make for a unique storytelling experience.


-A lovingly custom made world space for the player to die in…I mean explore. The project is a modest size and this allows us to put extra time and effort into planning and making a truly unique experience for the player. Art, story, music, mechanics, all aspects of the project are being crafted from the ground up to create what we hope will be an unforgettable TES experience.


We are developing on the Legendary Edition of Skyrim and plan to port over a version of the project to Special Edition (SSE). A PC version of the project will remain the primary targeted platform but we will be looking into a console release


Thras: The Coral Kingdom will always remain a non-monetized project that hopes to support and add to the modding community. It’s members are volunteers from all walks of life and every corner of the globe and we hope you’ll join us on this adventure!